Ground Support Equipment Leasing

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Lektro Gulfstream pushback

Operating Lease

Xcēd Aviation is an asset manager and operating lessor. There are many reasons why companies lease; however, what we do differently is provide our customers with flexibility. If your equipment needs ever change, we will take back equipment that no longer fits and replace it with new equipment that will do the job. All you do is cover the difference.

At some point in time, every piece of GSE will start costing users additional money to maintain and repair. Our operating lease structure shifts the responsibility to us which allows you to upgrade/replace equipment before you get to the point where it starts to cost you money. Your down time is significantly reduced since your equipment is always fresh, and you keep your capital available for more strategic alternatives.

We offer leasing and rentals on the following types of GSE: air starts, baggage tractors, belt loaders, cargo loaders, cargo tractors, deicers, ground power units (GPUs), heaters, conventional pushbacks, and towbarless pushbacks. 

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GT35 pushing back an airplane


We offer rentals because we know that your operation may need equipment immediately for the short term.

Long-Term Leases

Xcēd offers lease terms ranging from 36-to-72 months.

We will provide you with all of your options, and you can decide what best fits. 


Sale Leaseback

Already purchased a piece of equipment but now you want to lease it? It's not too late. We will buy the equipment and lease it back to you.